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Our Story

We have loved every minute of our journey

How it started. . . .

Sewing has been a part of our lives for generations; both my Grandmother’s and I am sure my Great-Grandmothers did as well. From Easter dresses for me and my cousins to quilts, to counted-cross stitch to silk embroidery. In the 1970’s my mom sold designer fabrics for a company based out of St. Louis, the fabric was from all over the world and she did extremely well. So yes, we have a lot of fabric and are still using it. She is extremely talented from oil paintings, to ceramics, to cross-stitch and silk embroidery, you name it she has done it.   So I owe this business to my mom for insisting on me taking Home Economics & Interior Decorating in high school and learning how to pull a house together and create a refuge  to run to when life gets too crazy.  

While in high school, she told me she wanted to take one semester of Home Economics; well growing up with two brothers and living on a street with all boys, the last thing I wanted was to become “Susie Homemaker.” So very reluctantly; I agreed to one semester to appease her. My one semester; turned into all 4 years of high school and my senior year I won Reserve Grand Champion in our spring show for cooking and sewing. Never in million years, would I have imagined that we would be starting a home décor business together. We have done countless window treatments, duvet covers, baby items and Christmas décor along with quilts for walls, babies, beds, or memory blankets.

We both feel your home should be your haven, a place to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. So let us help you create your retreat from our chaotic world that we live in. Imagine having that window seat with lots of pillows, to curl up and read your favorite novel. Or the princess room for your darling 4 year old, who believes she is royalty or the pirate room for your little scalawag; who is in search of Davy Jones locker. The precious bundle of joy that you will be welcoming into your life.

Whether it be a complete room with a new look, window treatments for the kitchen or family room.  Decorating for the upcoming holidays; we are here to help.   We will help you complete your dream. 

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